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If our pipeline is not filled with new customers then our principals sales won't grow.   We always stay in touch and provide value added information to our customers and their customers, and let them know what is going on in the marketplace. It is essential  that we provide value added services to our customers.

We utilize to help us keep the pipeline filled with new customers. It helps us manage and grow our sales.  It also helps us diversify our client base and focus strategically on the industries that we specialize in.


Part of our job is to provide the Marketing needed to assist in the sales growth process.  Market Intelligence is key to what we do and how we do it.  We provide SEO for the principals that require assistance in this area. We have a long list of customers that we provide synergistic sales to and cross market our principals.

The primary states we cover are Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa.  We actually go to where the business is.  Several of our customers have several plants which include other parts of the country.  Open communication is very important with our principals when the business involves other states.  Let us surprise you and show you customers you have never heard of before.

We have been selling OEM products for over 25 years.  Not only do we know the product,but we know who our customers are selling to.  We work closely with design, engineering and purchasing to get problem solving solutions.  We make sure that we are always in front of the customer asking the right questions.  Our expertise lies in matching our principals capabilities with the right client base.